BMW EVM Autokraft offers an equally joyful experience through its services. The team at BMW EVM Autokraft knows that customers deserve the best and hence, are at available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days except Sundays.

BMW EVM Autokraft has a record minimum turnaround time of 24 Hours, which is the best in the industry and to add to customers’ joy, the team has a Master Technician and BMW-certified Service Adviser. The dealership also boasts of 10 Fastlane Bays that provide excellent basic services in minimal time.

BMW EVM Autokraft is proud to have received zero paint-job complaints so far. BMW EVM Autokraft guarantees utmost service effort for customers’ BMW, from maintenance to repair.

BMW EVM Autokraft also offers the convenience of less waiting time and reliable BMW Breakdown and Accident Management services to make sure all customer requirements are met on time during emergencies.

BMW Service

Quality, efficiency and innovation: the three cornerstones of the vehicle maintenance expertise delivered by BMW Service - today and tomorrow. Even before a new BMW model enters production, our engineers develop innovative, convenient and driver-focussed service features that ensure that every BMW automobile is able to perform at its very best, year after year. We are committed to providing you with the first-class service that delivers best-in-class care for your vehicle, and an uncompromising driving experience.

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BMW Recall Information

At BMW, your driving pleasure is our top priority. We strive to bring you joy no matter which BMW you drive. Get important Recall Campaign information for your BMW.

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Fast Lane and Accident Management

Make the most of the reliable service that fits your daily routine. Precise and flexible scheduling means you can stick to your plans and make optimum use of the waiting time. BMW Fast Lane provides a quality range of services and repairs carried out with typical BMW expertise by in the shortest possible time.

Our BMW Breakdown and Accident Management make sure you’re also well taken care of in emergencies. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for 1 year. Just contact your BMW Mobile Service if you need on-the-spot breakdown assistance: we’ll send a BMW Service mobile or arrange for roadside assistance through selected cooperation partners.

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